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    Adobe CC 2014 Applications do not show in my Applications Folder.

    Jaargo Level 1

      Hello all,


      Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.3


      I have recently installed all 2014 versions of my creative cloud software which all worked fine.


      The odd thing is that they do not appear in my Applications Folder when viewing from a Finder window. They all show in LaunchPad and also when I do a 'Reveal in Finder' search from the Dock icon when the application is launched.


      See screenshots attached;


      01 - Applications Folder from Finder

      02 - 'Reveal in Finder' from the open application dock item


      The two folders show are the same path (Macintosh HD / Applications).


      As you can see the 'Adobe' Folder is common to both but the CC applications no longer show in screenshot 01.


      This is not a show-stopper by any means but I curious to understand why this has happened after upgrading to CC 2014


      Any ideas?


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      01 Applications Folder.png02 Reveal In Finder Applications Folder.png