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    InDesign CC 2014 freezes on "What's New" window

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,

      InDesign CC 2014 is freezing up everything when it hangs on the "What's New" window which is completely a blank white.  I can't close the application or force quit or do anything else…I have to shut down the computer in order to quit the application or do anything else on the computer -- it is completely frozen.  When the computer restarts, InDesign CC 2014 automatically tries to start up again and freezes the computer unless I get to it before it launches and force quit before it gets a chance to freeze again. 


      InDesign CC is working normally, but I notice that when CC 2014 launches, it also launches InDesign CC with it and both seem to run at the same time.  This does not happen when I start from InDesign CC -- only that application is then active.


      "I'm also getting an Adobe warning that has begun to appear stating:  "Administrator rights are required to complete Adobe add-ons installation or removal" and I'm not sure which application this is referring to or how to log in for these "rights", 


      Anyone else having these issues?  I'm working on a Mac pro.


      Small Town Gal

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