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    filter array collection property.

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      I have a remote object call that returns an array of elements
      ['daysAry'] each with several properties, including one ['drawsQry']
      that is also an array collection. I want my display that is built
      showing all the daysAry elements with each drawsQry element to be able
      to filter which drawsQry elements are displayed based on a combobox value.

      I understand I use the filterFunction property to assign a function to
      determine which elements to show. I am not sure how to best set this
      property on each and every drawsQry element in the daysAry array

      Is it as simple as looping over the daysAry collection in my
      remoteObject handler and assign the function to each array collection
      property. Could I just assign a filter function to the main daysAry
      collection and inside that function loop over the drawsQry property and
      set something there. Or is there another more elegant solution I am
      over looking.

      Thank You