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    Zero denominator loop


      Hi, I'm seeing "zero denominator converting ratio denominators. (17 :: 18)" when dealing specifically with looped image sequences. This has started recently with AE CC. If I set the loop to something really high, like 9999 - if I try to add an effect to the footage it throws this error. I've tried it on PNG and TIFF and it seems consistent. Interpret the footage to loop 99 times and the affects are applied just fine. Bug?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Possibly, but without more info nobody can say. E.g. the duration of the loop could be totally relevant as could be framerates and other stuff. You could simply be exhausting AE's limits when setting some high repeat number.



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            beansandporks Level 1

            Yes, I checked the frame rates - everything is running at exactly 24 fps. Setting loops at 9999 seems to consistently trigger the error, 999 appears ok (Ive tried it with a couple different PNG sequences, between 100 and 500 frames). It's not a big deal, as 9999 is overkill - but I used to always throw 9999 in the loop settings and never experienced this error. But I was banging my head against this for a while so wanted to share my findings in case anyone else runs into this.