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    CFMail Relay Messages

      I have an event management application that sends registration confirmations and details to registrants via email. Nothing big or unusual there. However, the client insists on keeping their mail server with a separate company.

      We have been sending our emails out via cfmail with few issues. However, because the mail server is on a different server/IP than that of the website, we occasionally have messages that get tagged as "spam". The error that comes is returned is:
      Remote host said: 553 Bogus helo H104151

      I've checked various spam sites and our IP is clean. In fact, this is the only site on this IP that sends emails out at all and I know it's not spammy.

      So, I thought that I might be able to use the server, username, and password attributes of the cfmail tag to set the credentials for the client's mail server. I verified that my credentials are correct and when I check the mail.log file, I see:
      "Invalid Addresses; nested exception is: class javax.mail.SendFailedException: 571 [Email:to address output here] prohibited. We do not relay"

      This VPS uses SmarterMail as its mail server and I went in and told it to allow anyone to relay messages. I only made that change this morning just to test and ensure this wasn't the problem. After setting the relay to anyone, the same error appears in the mail.log file.

      Does anyone know if this is just not possible or if I'm missing something in my settings, etc. to make it happen.

      Thanks, very much,
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          sanaullah Level 1

          due to some reason cfmail setting are cached as long as CF server running, try to restart CF service.

          here are few hints, I know its allot pain

          1: mailerID = "NetX.Mailer" add mailer id attribute
          2: From address is important, do you use same address or different every time
          3: RDNS should be correct
          4: SPF record is also important