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    Individual forms in interactive PDF



      I'm currently building an interactive PDF manual for English as a Foreign Language  writing pedagogy in InDesgin CC. This manual contains a number of forms where students are prompted to perform various writing tasks and then send them to their tutor via email, using the "submit" function from the button menu in InDesign. Once exported to Acrobat, however, the whole PDF rather than just one individual form is sent. Is there any way to add a piece of code somehow, somewhere (I'm not a programmer!), to tell Acrobat to 'extract' and send data entered by users only from one form? I have a similar problem with compulsory fields on forms, that is Acrobat treats compulsory fields on all forms in the manual in their entirety and thus always displays an error message when only the compulsory fields on one individual form have been correctly completed.  In a nutshell I would like Acrobat to recognise and process individual forms. I've already looked on various forums for a solution, but so far it seems that this issue has not been raised by anyone. Your help would be much appreciated. I've been pulling my hair my out over this glitch.

      Many thanks in advance.