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    Windows Frustration


      About a year ago we did an interactive sales piece in flash that loads and unloads different FLV files contained within SWFs for each section. It was recently brought to our attention that you can only watch each video one time on Windows based machines. Once you leave the section you are in and come back it will not play again. This was not an issue at all on Macs but for some reason the flash exe files were having this trouble.

      I immediately figured that we had left out the unload movie command in the action script, and that it was only allowing it to load one time, and was technically still there when the viewer came back to it- hence not starting at the beginning and appearing missing. I was right. I went through then entire project and added unload movie commands for level 1 just ahead of the load movie command in each section, thus giving a blank slate to load from. It worked perfectly on the test PC so I figured the problem was solved and duplicated/labeled 15 disks.

      NOW I find out that my testing was inadequate. My fix only works for windows 98 and older machines, but everything running XP or newer still only gets one viewing per loaded movie. Even if you dont leave that section, but click the heading to get back to the beginning, it unloads and wont return. Really frustrating.

      I always thought than an .exe file was generic and would play on all PCs Thats why we keep an old 98 machine in the office for testing, because it stands to reason that if something works smoothly on old equipment, newer machines should have no troubles at all.

      Does anyone know if there is some kind of OS specific code to make this functionally active in XP? Is this a known issue when loading/unloading FLV files? I havent seen any mention of this elsewhere, so any ideas at all would be great.