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    Can you link a form to another form?  And then come back to the first when done?


      I have a very detailed form completed.  It asks about 100 questions.  It is working perfectly.


      I need to be able to produce a PDF that can be forwarded to a research team.  The issue is - this PDF will only use 50 of the 100 questions.  The other questions do not apply to the research group.


      Having Forms Central produce a PDF of all the answers won't work.  We can't have all the answers.


      Logically, if I could make a second Form and send the survey taker to that second form - that form could be made into a PDF.  I know how to add a link so branching over there seems easy enough.


      The issue becomes - bringing them back to the original form to complete it.  I should add there is a payment option here.  It costs to be in each of the studies.


      This is being designed to fill in all personal information ONCE.  Then each research team will get the information needed for their study.


      Most of our researchers are willing to take an excel spreadsheet with the results.  However, the 1 with 50 questions is not.  They want it in a PDF.


      Not sure this can be done - but before I give up - wanted to see if anyone else had an idea!