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    All CC 2014 Programs Crashing on Startup


      Hi All,


      I'm having problem with the latest release of the Creative Cloud Suite. Every program I have downloaded crashes on start up. I followed suggestions on the troubleshooting page but none of them seemed to work. I tried signing out and signing back in... no luck. I updated all of my Nvidia graphics drivers.. still no luck. I ran into the same problem with the original CC release and I'm really getting frustrated with the cloud, as I never experienced these problems when the software came on disks. I've been seeing a lot of other people have been having these problems, and as much as I love Adobe's products, they should make sure it works 100% before releasing it.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Without system info and other details nobody can say anything.



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            I'm having the exact same problem...All my CC programs will open and then close immediately...but for me this only happened RECENTLY (perhaps since a recent Windows update?)


            Here are my specs:

            Windows 7 Home Premium

            Intel Core i7 CPU

            12 GB RAM

            64 bit operating system

            I also have a WACOM tablet


            Please let me know what other information you need!

            Again, this just started happening recently. I've updated all of my apps, I've even reinstalled a few of them. I've also tried singing out and back in and nothing seems to work.

            Any ideas?



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              DJ Emir

              For me all the CS6 Programs were running smooth then the CC programs ran OK but as soon as I upgraded to CC 2014 they all went to hell and crashed on start they just hang up for about 5-10 minutes before you can even do anything, Open a file, click on any tabs etc. Also the new version of Photoshop has issues  when resizing files because now it has a preview which totally slows the process down immensly from what it used to be. I'm running Windows 8.1 64 Bit version with 24GB of DDR3 Ram and 96% allowed to Photoshop. My Operating system and programs are on an Intel Solid State Drive with a second Solid State Drive as my scratch disk (only used for scratch disk nothing else) and a separate 7200RPM 3TB Hard Drive used for saving files. CS^ ran ultra fast and smooth, now I'm waiting for all kinds of operations. The Text preview is also malfunctioning or is set up weird in the CC2014 because it automatically starts selecting fonts as I try and scroll down changing my current font selection without asking me to click first. CC2014 has too many bugs right now that need to be fixed. I'm probably going back to CS^ if I can but now CS6 is also acting up too could be CC2014 changed some of the preferences without my knowledge that could be affecting CS6 somehow? I may have to wipe the hard drive and start all over again and only load my CS6 Programs this time.