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    Wmode, overflow:hidden, Firefox, help!

    liquidleaf Level 1
      Ok. I have a problem.

      I have a video player that I'm creating that can be dynamically sized. The SWF will reside in an absolute-positioned div that has overflow:hidden. The SWF is set to not scale, and the viewable area is clipped by the div's viewable area.

      Ok, not a problem.

      Then, I wanted to have the SWF be transparent. wmode="transparent", here I come. Ok, that's fine. The SWF can be viewed fine in it's clipped div in both FF and IE.

      So now, I want to add the capability of going fullscreen. Ok, apparently fullscreen CANNOT be used with wmode="transparent" or wmode="opaque". Ok, I can live without the SWF being transparent. Bye-bye, wmode parameter.

      BUT now, in FireFox, without wmode="transparent" or wmode="opaque", the overflow:hidden is IGNORED for the SWF! The whole damn huge SWF appears regardless of the div's overflow.

      Is this a bug? Is there any way around it other than using wmode (and therefore, losing fullscreen capability)?

      This is really frustrating - Fullscreen is such a good feature, but all the caveats are making it less and less usable.

      Any help is appreciated.