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    how to use Adobe extension manager CC 2014

    haneadino Level 1

      i would like to learn Adobe extension manager CC. I don't know anything about Adobe extension manager CC.

      Is there a video tutorial for Adobe extension manager CC??

      Thank you so much!

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          I don't know if there are video tutorials for Extension Manager. You can find help information at Extension Manager Help | Manage extensions.

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            I can't help but really get the impression that all the issues concerning the Extension Manager mount back to the fact that once the most recent version (update) of the Extension Manager gets installed (but even older versions for CC or CS6) all force all plugins, addons or third party filters to be installed by means of the Extension Manager into the most recent version of Photoshop installed on a system.


            I tried to install extensions that are not meant for CC 2014, with the Extension Manager started from within Photoshop CC, and even along that path the addons where forced to install in Photoshop CC 2014.


            It seems that the only way this works is to install everything as it should be completely in an older version, before even trying anything in a newer one (actually before even trying tot install a newer version next to the on presently used.


            So first install PS6 fully with all third party plugins, addons and filters and once that's working don't ever (have the need to) reinstall anything again ........   then proceed to do so with Photoshop CC (with its Extension Manager) .... and finally proceed to do so for CC 2014 (with its Extension Manager) ...... 


            my conclusion being that every single version of PS will need (and will need to always keep available) its own Extension Manager .......   this to avoid screwing up things in the other versions installed ......


            for me this seems to be the reason why extensions are greyed out after install ......   if so, then this could be the answer to many problems with the Extension Managers ....