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    Overlaping PDF and Illustrator, in an automatic way


      Hi everyone,


      I have :

      - An Illustrator file (made of colored lines)

      - A PDF file, that has an unknown and unnavaible police.


      I wish to create a new PDF, that would be made by overlapping theese two documents. So i'll have the colored lines over the PDF file


      I can not import the PDF file on Illustrator, because the text becomes hieroglyphes

      I can save the Illustrator file as a PDF, but then it has a white background that hides the drawing when i overlap them.

      I can save the Illustrator file as a PNG without background, but then i dont know how to overlap it with a pdf.

      I have to do this hundreds of times, so if you guys know an automatic way (through scripting maybe) that would be awesome.

      Thanks for your help,