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    Where do I find the JavaScript Tools Guide

    cwcsdc Level 1

      I’m fairly new to Adobe scripting.  I just downloaded the Photoshop 2014 CC JavaScript Reference,

      and in describing ExtendScript’s features, it includes the line,

      For details of these and additional features, see the JavaScript Tools Guide,


      which it says is installed with Adobe CC at

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Utilities\ExtendScript Toolkit CC 2014\SDK.


      It wasn’t there — there’s no such folder on my system. The Javascript Reference goes on to say,

      The latest versions of this document and of the ExtendScript Tookit,

      can also be downloaded from Adobe Developer Center,



      I followed the above link to the Developer Center, and I couldn’t find it there either.


      Where can I find a copy of the latest JavaScript Tools Guide?