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    Quicktime and Fonts

      I all,

      I have a director movie with some quicktime movies and a custom font type. In my computer all works perfectly, but if i run this movie in a computer that don't have quicktime installed and don't support that Font Type, the movie in this cases appears poor.

      How can i solve this problem? is any way to incorpore the font type and quicktime to prevent this cases?

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          You can embed the font into the project. Insert, Media, Font. It will
          add the font to the list of fonts with an asterisk at the end. So if
          you embed Arial, it will add "Arial *". Then you'll need to go through
          all of your text members (and fields, buttons, etc) that use that font
          and change the font setting to the one with the asterisk (the embedded
          version). That way, it will show your font even if the user does not
          have that font installed.

          BuddyAPI has a command baInstallFont() that you can use to truly install
          the font on someone's computer, but be sure you are using a font that
          you have a legal license to install... some of them require money to be
          able to do that.

          Quicktime is a little different, in that the client machine MUST have QT
          installed in order to view QT content. You can use BuddyAPI to test if
          Quicktime is present.

          baFindApp("mov") will tell you where the program is that opens mov
          files. If it comes up blank, then you know that you will need to install
          it. You can provide the installer on a CD or you can provide them a
          link to www.quicktime.com where they can download it themselves.
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            > baFindApp("mov") will tell you where the program is that opens mov
            > files.

            baVersion("qt3") is perhaps more useful as it will tell you whether
            QuickTime is installed (and what version), rather than if there is an
            app associated with .mov files. In order to use QuickTime in Director,
            the end user /must/ have QT installed and not just an application that
            can play QuickTime movies
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              Good call.