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    Simplest way to remove a piece of background content in a moving shot where the element is also obstructed by foreground action occasionally

    arkid Level 1

      Hi all


      I'm fairly new to after effects.  I've done some basic cleaning work with the rotobrush and also the motion tracker before which worked ok but I now have a scene to fix that is proving more problematic.


      The problematic scene is with a piece of white chipped wall within a black painted wall as you can see from the shot below.   Action from the actor in front of the wall means that occasionally the chip in the wall is obscured for a few frames at a time - the action of their arms is quite fast moving its never for very long. 

      The shot is also hand held so any correction I understand will need tracking as there is a subtle yet noticable movement throughout the duration of the shot.  Its about 20 seconds long in total.


      Can anyone give me a summary as to how they would attack this problem?



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