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    Flash Not Detected After Enterprise Deployment


      I recently deployed Flash 13 from ConfigMgr 2012. My package consisted of the Flash uninstaller and the Flash msi. I run the uninstaller first to make sure that the systems were clean followed by the Flash msi installer. When my users go to sites that contain Flash it is not detected. Checked add/remove programs shows that Flash 13.xxx ActiveX is installed. Users are using IE9 and Windows 7 x86. If I go to the adobe site and install Flash from there it works. For testing I deployed Flash 14 to a couple users who were having the issue. The same thing happens with 14. So again, I go and install Flash from the internet. Checking Add/Remove programs afterwards shows two identical entries for Flash Active x 14. The only difference is the size of the installations. Further testing today seems to indicate that if a new user logs into a machine where Flash is broken Flash works for that user. Has anyone else seen anything like this?