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    Are ID templates "live" such that changes can be updated across multiple documents?

    Obenreizer Level 1

      SCENARIO:  I have a document (DOC_A) ... from which I make a template (TEMP_T) ... from which I make fa second document (DOC_B).  

      [A --> T --> B]


      After working on DOC_B for a few weeks, I find I have made some really nice changes (paragraph and font styles, etc), which I would love to incorporate in the original DOC_A.    

      [retro-update: B --> T --> A]


      QUESTION 1: Is the underlying TEMP_T 'live" in the sense that I can make changes to it via DOC_B, and then have those changes reflected in (i.e., updated to) DOC_A?


      QUESTION 2: If not, what would be the best, or most efficient, way to update DOC_A so that it incorporates the favorable changes made to DOC_B?


      Thanks in advance.