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    Grainy, pixelated RAW images after import


      Help!??? I am having trouble with PS CS-6 displaying/ producing/ saving grainy pictures when import NEF files!!!

      When I import all NEF or RAW files into CS6 from Bridge and Camera Raw from the Nikon D200 and D5000, they become grainy/ pixelated.  However, RAW files from the D800 did not have problem. I set the Color Space in my Nikons to AdobeRGB, in PS Camera Raw 8.5 to AdobeRGB, in PS CS-6 ColorSpace to AdobeRGB, and Save As Jpeg with Max quality (12). When comparing between CS-6 produced file and the original, I can see a big drop in quality and the picture become grainy and pixelated. What can I do to make this right? Any help/ suggestion is appreciated.

      Thank you!


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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you show us a screen-shot of the raw in Camera Raw that shows this noise, or if you only see it in the saved JPG, then show us a side-by-side of the raw in Camera Raw and the JPG?  Show the same area of the photo and zoom to 100%.


          It is normal for raw photos to have grain but you can mostly remove it with the Luminance Noise-Reduction sliders in the Detail tab of Camera Raw.


          The amount of grain depends on the ISO sensitivity setting on the camera.