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    Is it possible to "lock-in" the nudge increment to 1px : nudge, 10px : shift+nudge at any zoom level?

    jonesology Level 1

      I feel like I'm going crazy here, has this always been the case?


      If I'm using the arrow keys to nudge an object on a layer in any direction, I thought it was ALWAYS 1px/10px for a nudge/shift+nudge. Today, while experimenting with the new Smart Guide features in Photoshop CC, I noticed that a nudge was actually moving 3px at a different zoom level.  Obviously, I understand the rationale behind this (if you're totally zoomed out to 12.5% for example, and you want to nudge an object by tapping the arrow key you won't "notice" much of a change on-screen, so they've increased the nudge amount based on the zoom level.)


      Okay, I get that, but I'd still like to be able to lock-in the standard 1px/10px ratio for nudge/shift+nudge at ANY zoom level.


      Is this possible?  I adjust my nudge increments all the time in Illustrator as needed, I rely on it's precision at any zoom level (even if I'm so zoomed out I cannot discern the difference on-screen, I know that I have nudged the object the exact distance I intended, because it's locked in.)