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    Loading Movie from Specific Frame

      I am new to Flash and in need of help. I have built a site with multiple movies with using loadMovieNum script. I have an animated main page which needs to be reloaded when 'HOME' is clicked; however, it needs to start not from the frame 1 but from the last frame of the movie so the viewers would not have to go through the animation again. The movie structure is:

      index.swf (empty page but used to load two movies: links.swf and main.swf)
      - links.swf (level 60): has all links including the link 'HOME' to return to the starting page.
      - main.swf (level 50): the background of home

      I have movies per link which get loaded into level 50 to replace main.swf and/or a current page.

      When 'HOME' is clicked, the script runs as:

      loadMovieNum("main.swf", 50);

      linkshome is a frame inside links.swf which resets an active link back to a a starting point.

      Is there anything I can add or rewrite so it loads (reloads) main.swf and jumps to the last frame instead of playing the movie from the frame 1?

      Any help will be appreciated.