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    Adobe Texture Pro

    tangogal Level 1

      In the new Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 the Adobe Texture Pro is in the Panels but is not showing up on my desktop when I launch Photoshop. How can I get it to show up? It's really useful for adding a texture. It used to show up in the former Adobe Photoshop CC.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Isn’t that a Flash Panel?

          If so: "Forget" it (until a html5 alternative is being released at least) or continue working in Photoshop CC.

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            Mr. Snappy

            I am new here so please no technical info too complicated.  I downloaded "Adobe Extension Manager"  The manager doesn't seem to be working.  When I open the panel it shows CC32 and CC64 with the spinning gear next to it.  The panel shows the Textures with check marks But I too can't access them from CC 2014.  Did you get any answers I may not see? 

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              tangogal Level 1

              I don't think its a Flash Panel. It is in PhotoshopCC2014 but is not

              showing up on my desktop in Photoshop. I just deinstalled PhotoshopCC2014

              and went back to plain old Photoshop CC where it does work and I don't have

              to reconfigure my workspace, add back my brushes, actions etc. etc.



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