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    Adobe Kills Flash ?


      Should we take it officially granted that Adobe Kills flash ?


      The following threads

      Re: After Effects CC 2014 - removal of H.264, MPEG-2, WMV, FLV, F4V, and SWF exporters - WHY !?

      Re: Show Deprecated Formats in Output Module Settings don't appear in my output option!¨¨

      that indicate that FLV export from After Effects CC 2014 is NOT included, along with the following


      at which indicated that Flash Panels are DISCONTINUED from Photoshop CC 2014 altogether, does it mean that ADOBE KILLES FLASH OFFICIALLY !?


      An official representative's response to this statement would be MUCH appreciated!!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't see anything in the links you provide that would cause me to speculate that Flash has been killed, especially not in any official manner.  You can be certain that Flash, like most applications, will evolve as most have since their inceptions.  Could it evolve to a state of extinction?  I would assume so, just like any software product could.


          In any case, these are user to user forums so you should not expect anyone here to provide an official response if that is what you seek.  Any such announcement would not be a response to anyone's posting in a forum.  You might get an official representative (aka, an Adobe employee) to respond, but you aren't likely to get an official response indicating that Flash has been killed.

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            tristratos Level 1

            According to the above links

            - As for developers, It's like telling them, stop using flash - find a nice html5 alternative (and hey, adobe doesn't even offer one to even imply!! Not at least a flash 2 html5 solution or something...) to get the job done and to the artists abandon flash as flv which was adobe's own invention may not be used to embed it into flash. And to pronounce it better, adobe's actually prevents users from embending ANY kind of video into flash.

            - As for AE CC 2014, disabling the ability to export to flv format (which is the ONLY format capable of embending into flash) as well as preventing developers from developing flash panels for use in Photoshop as the above link indicate, to me seems that Adobe kills flash from inside out!


            So the questions remain...

            - As for flash, why upgrading ? The moment that adobe seems to be killing it for its own products !?

            - As for AE to CC 2014, why upgrading ? When that seems like breaking existing workflows ?


            Why upgrading to it at all ?!?!?!



            P.S. I really hope theere is seomthing we miss or the above links are not accurate enough to cover the truth - But the again, they seem as if they are official announcement of Adobe! - This is insane!

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              In one of the discussions [Re: FLV export gone.. need alpha channel in video for Flash], Todd Kopriva links to his nice explanation as to the Flash team's recommendation to use H.264 instead of flv or f4v. http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2014/06/removal-flv-f4v-swf-export-adobe-media-encoder -after-effects-premiere-pro.html


              The question that still needs clarification is what workflow is recommended if the user wants to have an alpha channel in the exported video.

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                tristratos Level 1

                Excuse me to say again...




                H.264 may be made through Media Encoder BUT

                1) It may NOT be embeded to flash (ONLY flv format is embedable at all in flash!!!!)

                2) Does NOT provide ANY kind of transparency!!


                WHO decided to brake the workflow THAT BAD is NOT UNDERSTANDABLE at all!!!


                Wish this will be addressed somehow, so that it would really make upgrading to CC 2014 meaningfull at all!!