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    How to stroke a shape layer, hide the shape layer, but keep the stroke visible?

    Jordan Hipwell

      I have a shape layer I want to stroke via the layer style options. I figured once I do that I would then right click it and select Create Layer, then I could hide the shape layer and the stroke would still be visible on its own layer. But that's not the case. If I hide the shape layer the stroke is not visible because it's a clipping mask for the shape layer. If I delete the shape layer, the stroke layer is still there and visible but it's not a stroke, it's the shape layer inverted.


      I realize I could rasterize the shape layer, command click it to get the selection, create a new layer, choose Edit > Stroke, then hide the original layer. But if possible I want the stroke to be tied to the shape layer so that it will look great at any resolution.


      Photoshop CC 2014