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    After updating Camera Raw from 8.4.1 to 8.5, it revert back to 8.0

    CBR 1000

      During last Creative Cloud periodic update, I saw in the list the update to ACR 8.5. After the update, I have checked, and on both Bridge and Photoshop, the version of ACR reverted back to 8.0. Before of the upgrade was 8.4.1. In the order, I tried to:



      1) Update from internal functions of Bridge and Photoshop. Update check result was that there wasn't available update (ACR appeared in the list as application)


      2) Install manually ACR 8.5 from a manual update package indicated in a similar post on this forum.


      3) Uninstall both Bridge and Photoshop.


      4) Re-install Bridge and Photoshop.



      After all actions, the ACR version available is still 8.0. I'm really surprised, because I can't understand from where is coming the 8.0 version, considering that my version before the update was 8.4.1.


      OS Windows 7 64 bit

      Bridge CC 6.0

      Photoshop CC 2014


      Can anyone help me?