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    Installer says "Not enough disk space"


      OS: WinXP Home SP 3

      Device: Asus Eee PC netbook

      RAM: 2 GB

      Graphics RAM: 128 MB

      C: disk space: 799 MB out of 3.72 GB SSD

      D: disk space: 6.13 GB out of 7.50 GB SSD

      Browser: Firefox 19


      I had Flash Player 11 installed, worked fine but Firefox advised me to update due to a vulnerability. FP 14 installer fails at 0% with the message not enough disk space. When I started I only had about 300 MB available but uninstalled some things, uninstalled FP, restarted, but still get the No space message.


      I see Adobe has a link to install an older version (10) but I need v11 or greater.


      Thanks for any suggestions.