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    newbie problem - too much media cache files


      I have started to edit .m2ts files with PE 12 on a Windows 8.1 laptop with one hard drive in 2 partitions.


      I edit a film with a planned length of 110 minutes, and right now almost half is done. I have split it up into 11 smaller projects, with an planned average length of 10 minutes. I mean, I plan to create 11 files which I then join in a separate project, because the laptop is not powerful enought to handle everything in one single project.


      When it comes to those files created by PE 12, I use the default preferences. I mean, media cache files in a folder on partition C: and the rest in the same folder as the .m2ts files and project files on partition D:


      Today the computer warned me that I was running out of space on partition C:. I decided to check what would happen if I told PE to delete the media cache files. 17 gigabytes of files disappeared.


      So I realized that I am in an uncomfortable position. To edit, I must have the media cache files, but there is not enough room for them on partition C:.


      What do I do? Should I go into all of my 11 projects, change the preferences so the media cache files are on partition D: instead of partition C:? As i just wrote, I am in the middle of the project, so I have no idea if it is realistic to change the location of the media cache files.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Drive C space http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1007934?tstart=0 is about Premiere Pro, but MAY work to redirect your temporary files in Premiere Elements


          Also, partitions are not really good for video editing... one hard drive with 2 partitions is double the work for the one set of read/write heads

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            It might be a good idea to consider adding an external hard drive (formatted NTFS) to your computer operating system and directing all your Scratch Disks there.


            In the meanwhile, you can delete all in the Media Cache Files Folder. The program will regenerate them if and when the program/project decides it needs them. And, it may not need to regenerate all that is in that Media Cache Files Folder. That 17 GB load in that Folder is huge. I would do that at this moment instead of going into preferences and changing the location to which you are directing the Media Cache Files Folder conformed audio. Also, go to Edit Menu/Preferences/Media and hit the Clean button in the Media Cache Database there to get rid of the pile ups of conformed video. The program/project will regenerate these conformed video files when and if the program/project decides it needs them.


            In your present circumstances, I would be worried about what you have piled up in the Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder. That is the folder with the preview files from your Timeline rendering. There the pile ups of files can be extra huge. If you delete these files, they will not regenerate automatically. Instead, you will have to render Timeline again in the associated project if you want to see a best possible preview in the Edit area monitor at Timeline content play back.


            Under no circumstances, move, delete, rename any source media files/folders that went into a project after the project save/close. If you do, you will end up with some nasty media reconnect problems.


            For the finished projects, look into the merits of archiving the projects using the Premiere Elements Archiver/Archive or Copy option.

            Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Archiving projects


            Please review. Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


            Thank you.




            Add On...There is no need to seek Premiere Pro solutions for Premiere Elements problems when the Premiere Elements information is available...even in the name of supposed or real similarities between the two different programs.

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              ghijohansson Level 1

              Thanks for both answers


              Yes, I know the problem with 2 partitions on the same hard drive. So two months ago I asked if it was best to continue to use 2 partitions, or alternatively to format the hard drive into one single partition before I started to edit video. I was told to leave the 2 partitions unchanged.


              Bill Hunt, the link you sent me. Yes, my situation is comparable. I have my cache files at the same location I think.


              Yes, I have multiple external hard drives. I plan to use the best one later when it is time to combine those 10 minutes long videos into one which is 110 minutes long. I mean after I have finished editing. But right now I prefer not to use any external hard drive. I split up the project into small pieces because it is less inconvienient for me to split up the project than to carry an external hard drive with me all the time. I mean, I edit on a laptop because I must move my computer several times per day.


              About using the clean button in preferences. Yes, that is what I did to delete 17 gigabytes with media cache files.


              And after removing the media cache files, I went back to the projects I use for my film. I opened all of them. And waited for PE 12 to create new media cache files. After waiting an hour, PE 12 had created about 11 gigabytes of new media cache files.


              To avoid confusion I would like to tell that I have used 150 gigabytes of .m2ts files as input (these are the files which resulted in 17 gigabytes with media cache files). But 1/3 of them turned out to be useless, so now I have "only" 100 gigabytes with .m2ts files in my project (these are the ones which resulted in 11 gigabytes with media cache files). And I will be forced to film at least 100 gigabytes during the next 2 months before I can finish editing.

              About archiving projects. Since I am still filming, I have not yet finished editing any of these projects.


              A T Romano, I understand why you write "Under no circumstances, move, delete, rename any source media files/folders that went into a project after the project save/close. If you do, you will end up with some nasty media reconnect problems."


              But what should I do? I am already forced to accept that PE 12 has put 11 gigabytes of media cache files on partition C: and I will have at least twice as much before I finish my film. Which there is not room for. But there is room on partition D:, where I have all the other files for my film.


              What I have been thinking about is trivial. Use "save as" to create alternative versions of each project file. Change the preferences to storing the media cache files on partition D: for the alternative project files. Then delete the media cache files on partition C:. Then start editing the alternative project files, meaning that new media cache files are created on drive D:.


              Would this work or do I misunderstand?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply with the additional background on your situation.

                Just a reminder that the conformed video are .mcdb files that are cleaned out with the Clean Button via the route

                Edit Menu/Preferences/Media and its Media Cache Database area. The conformed audio are the cfa and pek files that are

                typically found in the route Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0 and in the Media Cache Files Folder there.

                Which are the file that you are targeting - conformed audio, conformed video or both? No matter what you do, the conformed

                video will always be regenerated and placed in its folder (named Media Cache) as .mcdb files in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\.


                Consequently please confirm where these 11 to 17 GB of "media cache files" are coming from...conformed audio, conformed video, or both?


                If you are determined not to incorporate an external hard drive into your present workflow, you might go ahead as you suggest, and try (with copies of


                Project 1 (part 1 of 2), direct the Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks/Media Cache to the D drive.

                Project 2 (part 2 of 2), direct the Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks/Media Cache to the D drive.

                (This preference area Media Cache traces back to the Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0 and its Media Cache Files



                Please review and then let us know the outcome.


                Thank you.



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                  ghijohansson Level 1

                  Thanks for further answer.


                  OK, then I try to put the cached files at partition D: in the future.


                  Which files I target? Well, when I hit that button in PE 12, I did not know myself what the program would erase. But now I have checked the folder at C: .... common


                  The content of that folder is like this.

                  One XML document with the name MediaCore...

                  One folder with the name Thumbnail Cache. The size is 1.3 megabytes and it contains one single file.

                  One folder with the name Media Cache. The size is 3.09 megabytes and it contains 792 .mcdb files, which are 1 or 2 kilobytes large.

                  One folder with the name Media Cache Files. The size is 16.3 gigabytes. It contains 830 .cfa and .pek files. The .cfa files are by far the largest, so they account for 99 % of the content.


                  As far as I can see, each one of these files correspond to an .m2ts file with the "same" name. For each one of my .m2ts files, there is a .cfa file with the "same" name but 10 times smaller.


                  As far as I can see, some of the files which should had been deleted must have survived, which is unexpected.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Hope is going well. Sorry for the delayed response. I got detoured in the daily thread traffic and email notifications. I found you again just now in the email notifications.


                    What you talked about in your post numbered 5 is the Media Cache Database which represents conformed video (.mcdb) files. These are the video portion of your source media which have been conformed to the project settings. These are not preview files. For quick access to and clean up of, you can click on the Clean Button found Edit Menu/Preferences/Media and the Media Cache Database there instead of going to the place where these files are actually stored on the computer hard drive. (See C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\.). That Common Folder is the place where you are finding

                    Thumbnail Cache Folder

                    Media Cache Folder

                    I find no conformed audio (cfa and pek files) in this area)


                    The conformed audio (mcdb) can be controlled by settings in the Edit Menu/Preferences/Media Media Cache Database area, for:

                    automatic monthly cleaning out of the mcdb files


                    size of the cache

                    But I am finding that the Clean Button does not always clean all. So, until further notice, I would go to the Common Folder for manual deletion of the conformed video (mcdb) files.


                    Now the conformed audio (cfa and pek) is another story and you find them in another location. These have no Clean Button, like the conformed video (mcdb) files.. Deletion is manual. These are the files that go (if default) to Libraries/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements/12.0 and the Media Cache Files Folder in that 12.0 Folder just cited.


                    Once you delete the conformed audio and conformed video, they will be generated again by the program when and if the project decides it needs them.

                    Contrast - Media Cache Files Folder stays at the location that you designate in preferences. Whereas the Media Cache Folder regenerates in its same location when you try to delete it or move it to another location other than in the C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common path.


                    Please let me know if you are OK with these details of Premiere Elements conformed audio and conformed video files.





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                      ghijohansson Level 1

                      Thanks for further details. No problem that your answer was delayed. I have myself had a busy week filming, so I did not read your answer until five minutes ago.


                      Ok, I see, I may have to delete files manually. Not a big problem now when I have the location of the folder(s).