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    Bug in Tree display when adding nodes dynamically?

      I build a Tree dynamically, child nodes are only added after a user clicks to open a node and a call is made to find out whether there are any children.

      The control is very responsive but after a few clicks it is as if an object the same color as the background appears in the middle of the Tree control obscuring any nodes under it.

      If I click on the blank area in the location where the obscured nodes would fall they respond and expand/collapse becoming visible/invisble as they fall beyond or back under this area. If I hover over the blank area I see the node highlighting only as a strip about 5 pixels wide on the left side.

      Revalidating the Tree does not redraw this area. Has anyone seen this before and how do I correct it?
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          ivop Level 1
          The problem went away. I think it was a bug getting triggered by setting the selected items after I had updated the dataProvider and refreshing the tree.

          I was having another issue where the selectedItems were lost after updating the tree. I fixed it by setting selectedItems using callLater() because setting it immediately after updating the tree dataProvider was not working as the selection was lost anyways. using callLater to do this fixed the selection issue and now apparently also the issue with a section of the tree being obscured.