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    Contribute 4 problem: linking to various docs on computer

    mm83 Level 1
      In my organization we have been working with Contribute since the version 2, and we are currently using Contribute 4.

      In Contribute 4 we are having a strange problem I hope you can help me with: when editing a draft I have no problems linking to a document on my computer the first time. But if I want to link to more documents in the same draft I get the message: "You cannot perform this action in this region of the page". If I publish the draft and then enter to edit it again I can put one more link each time, but this is very time consuming..

      This happens on all computers and on all pages on my site. Can anyone help??
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          redbarron Level 1
          We have been experiencing the SAME THING, only it affects the multiple insertion of ANY kind of link (not just to docs). Try it and see if you see the same effect linking to other things.

          We're in Contribute 3.11, deployed across our school district and everyone experiences this. It is the ONLY major bug we've discovered and it's driving us NUTS. Especially with the staff who EXPECT things to work. Obviously this isn't something peculiar to version 3.11! This leads me to believe it might be a configuration issue.

          We SERIOUSLY would appreciate either a fix or explanation from Adobe. Our "work-around" has been to copy/paste the original link on the page (for as many links as we anticipate adding), then going back and modifying the link properties for the pasted links. Then Publish once. It's a royal pain but it saves all the back and forth with publish-edit routine.

          Adobe: PLEASE provide some information for this!
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            Todd H&M Level 1

            Having the same problem in both version 3 & 4. Mac & PC.


            This is an error I've seen occasionally but usually reopening the page or restarting the software will fix it. Now almost every page will not allow a link to be added to a page, document or anything else. The work around mentioned does work (copy and paste and existing link and then edit the text and link of the duplicate). But, really, doesn't impress clients to much when I explain the work around.


            Adobe, what's causing this and what's the solution???????

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              CMU Libraries Web Team

              We are having the same issue with Contribute CS4 (in Windows XP and  7).  We have recently "upgraded" to CS4 from 3.1 which immediately  prevented anyone from creating a link in any page.  Every time someone  tried to create a link they would get this error: "you cannot perform  this action in the region of the page."  Also, none of the temporary  "hacks" have worked for us to create a link when this error is present.


              We started to tinker around with the pages and we have  found mutliple ways that re-enable our users to insert links...  although it involves removing key parts of pages that we would like to  keep.  Also, please note that some of these are not very practical.


              Solutions That Worked for Us:

              1) Remove all CSS files.

              2) Remove the page from the template (yeah, this worked even  though the code was exactly the same minus the template markup).

              3)  Remove automatically updated date/times that Dreamweaver/Contribute  maintains.

                   a) This worked for us on all pages except pages  that used nested templates.

                   b) For pages that had nested  templates we ALSO had to remove any JavaScript that was within the  <body> tags.


              Once again, does anyone know the  reason behind this error and how to fix it?