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    ColdFusion Builder 3 Settings Reset on Restart

    Dan Skaggs

      I've downloaded the ColdFusion Builder 3 trial and am experiencing some odd and very annoying behavior.


      I've customized some code editor text font and color settings. I've added an entry to the CF Servers panel for an instance of ColdFusion 10 running inside a VMWare virtual server on my laptop.


      When I restart Eclipse, all the code customizations I've made are reverted back to the default install settings and the entry in my CF Servers panel is gone.


      I've been an IntelliJ user for well over a year, but in doing much more cfscript-based development the CF Plugin for IntelliJ is proving to be a hindrance so I thought I'd give CFB 3 a try and see if there were any improvements over CFB 2. However, I can't take this kind of behavior. Hopefully someone can give me a setting or someone else has seen this before and can give me an idea of where to start looking.


      I have CF Builder installed as a plugin into Eclipse Kepler 64-bit for Mac. I added the CF Builder update site and have updated to CF Builder I also previously installed as the standalone version with no additional plugins and experienced the same behavior.


      Anyone have any ideas?