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    freaking load variables!

    Optikalefx Level 1
      so maybe someone can see what i cant. I have 2 php files, pass.php and setVoted.php setVoted.php echos &ToF=2
      and pass.php echos &ToF2=3. When i run this script it traces only up to loaded, why wont it go any farther? (it does load the pass.php variables into dynamic text boxes, but im using the same loading method that works for setVoted so it should work for pass, but it doest.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I hesitated replying earlier because I didn't have an answer, but because no-one else has replied yet I'll pass on what thoughts I have.
          I'm sorry its a little difficult for me to follow your code without a better understanding of the context.... but I think I understand the basics of what you're trying to do.

          I'm not sure why you're doing this several times : form.uname = form.uname.text;

          It would seem to me that if form is a movieclip and uname is a textfield in it, then I don't think this is a good idea... but like I said I don't fully understand the context.

          However I would recommend a couple of things...

          1.Try using LoadVars instead of the movieClip.loadVariables method. With LoadVars you've got built-in event handlers so don't need to use setInterval etc.

          2. Put significant function blocks outside the go_btn.onRelease function block and call them from inside if needed. I'm not sure if scope is an issue here, but it can be sometimes especially when using setInterval, and as a general approach it will make it easier to understand and (at least for me, the way I do things) to debug.
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            Optikalefx Level 1
            I appreciate the reply, and after responding to so many other users queries your right i should have explained more, i completely changed the code... using loadVars. and i got rid of form. ironically, that is before reading your response so heres the new code, with one problem...the password is never a match, it always says error no password, i think i have to make the password check in PHP not in flash. although ive done it fine in flash b4. the difference in this code than a normal password checker is that it needs to load 2 different files, which i now see i can make one...damnit, im gonna combine the two, do one loadvars and do all the checking in php, basically screw actionscript, but thats ok, heres what i have before i do all that.