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    2014 Sync Settings not working at all

    dv8kiwi Level 2

      I have successfully set up PSCC 2014 on my work machine which is Win 7 pro 64. But on my home machine (HP Omni 27 Win 8) it will not sync at all. Edit>Sync Settings is greyed out. Under prefs it says "Signed in as: Not signed in". But in the Help Menu there is an item saying "Sign out (my name)" indicating that I AM signed in. If I click that item "Sign out" nothing happens. According to the CC control panel I am signed in, and I am in other apps.


      So Sync is not working at all. I have tried signing out of CC and signing back in in the CC panel. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop. Nothing is changed. Sync is greyed out and not working in ANY CC2014 apps. But syncing works ok as before in CC apps.


      Why is this so badly broken?