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    Horizontal Photo Scroll/Swipe Gallery

    Departure Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am making a horizontal Photo Gallery larger than 10,000 px in width. Users should be able to Swipe  (on touch devices) and Scroll on Pc.


      I came across some previous posts like this, but i dont know where to begin.



      Things I am confused about:

      1 - I cant make the stage go wider than 10,000px, Does it mean I should place pics next to each other and navigate through them via code?

      2 - I dont know how to make Swipe actions that are sensitive to intensity/distance/duration of users touch. I can only code the image to move for a fixed number of pixels

      3 - I am not sure what would be the best/simplest approach to make my own scrollbar in this case (without starting from ground zero).


      I appreciate any links or overall guidelines so i can start on right path.