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    Camera Raw Saving To: Tiff Format

    animationlife Level 1

      Hello Everyone.


      I am working with Photo Shop 2014. Inside the Camera Raw, I have worked with a Raw Image, and after Applying all the setting to my Raw Shot, I have applied the same settings to my other Raw Images.

      Then, Inside the camera Raw, I selected all my Raw Images that the setting has already been applied to them,  and saved them all as a Tiff Format.

      Inside the Bridge If I open the Tiff file In Camera Raw, Every Setting Shows as 0 like nothing has been done to the Images. But off course, If I saved my Raw Image as a .dng Format and If I open the .dng format In camera Raw

      all the setting is there. What I am trying to know is Technically, If you saved your Camera Raw to a Tiff Format when you open that Tiff Format In the Camera Raw you are not able to see your saved settings am I correct ?

      Also, Inside my Tiff Setting, the Image Compression, I have It set to None, and since I use PC I have selected IBM PC, and Pixel order to Interleaved (RGBRGB). If you select LZW Dose that Compresses your Image ?

      What is LZW good for ?

      Thank you very much.