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    Preloading a video

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      If I use something like "member("myVideo").preLoad()" to get a video
      loaded, is there any way to determine it's loading progress? I'd like
      to show a progress bar as it's loading, but I don't know how to tell how
      far along it is in its loading process.

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          Is this for the web or for a projector? If this is for a projector then
          there's no need to preload. The only thing that will be preloaded will
          be the header information. That's something like 130 bytes and so it's
          meaningless. Director uses a guest application, QT, windows media, Real
          player, to play video. The video file streams through Director on it's
          way to the guest player. The more available memory, the smoother the
          playback will be. You may want to purge as much memory as possible
          before you play a video, but with most computers having 512 meg to 1 gig
          of memory, this isn't really a problem anymore.

          If you are working with a shockwave file from the web, QT video will
          stream from the server in much the same way as it will from a local CD
          source. Look at tech note tn_14016 for more info on that.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert