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    CC2014 - Cuda/OpenCL [AMD/nvidia]?

    Totte82 Level 1

      Hi all,


      Tried searching but could not find anything up-to-date.


      I'm going to purchase a new graphics card. Current system is 4930k @ 4.5GHz and 16GB 2400MHz RAM.


      Been running nvidia with CUDA (GTX 680) with good results, but I'm wondering how the support and performance with OpenCL (AMD) (mainly R9 290X vs 780Ti) is doing. From what I've understood, AMD has great OpenCL performance with that card - but is Premiere 2014 using it to it's full potential? I've had the feeling that Adobe programs have favoured nvidia in the past, is this still true?


      Main plugins I use are Twixtor, Neat Video and Filmconvert.