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    Why won't some .gif files import into Adobe Premiere 11?


      Hello! New to Premiere here.


      I'm working on a project which involves processing roughly 200 animated .gifs taken from the internet. Many of them will import nicely into Adobe Premiere 11.


      The problem is that not all of them will do this. Many of them will give the following message and freeze the entire import process.




      This seems like a strange error message to get because

      a) It seems to say here that the .gif format IS supported

      b) There don't seem to be any codecs for this 11.


      The gif that produced that error message is below:



      What especially frustrates me is that a gif with similar resolution and size will import, but the one above will not. Below is an example of a gif that will import into Adobe Premiere 11:




      Is there an explanation for why this is the case? I have looked up this issue extensively on the internet, and every other person with this issue seems either to be stumped or find a solution for a much older version such as Premiere 8.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!