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    compatibility issues with Vectorworks


      Hi, first time posting here.

      I recently purchased Creative Cloud and installed it on my desktop and laptop.  So far, I'm using Acrobat, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.

      It's the only software changes I've made, and now I'm having issues with my drafting software, Vectorworks 2008.

      So basically, I can't properly save any files in Vectoworks.  I get an error message with Save or Save as.  The file does save, but it says it doesn't (says an error occurred and the file is now corrupt).

      I can find the file on my desktop, if I exit out of Vectorworks and choose "not to save"----but this is sketchy to me. 

      I really suspect that it's an adobe title that is causing this problem.  I'm going to check on the vectorworks forum, but my software is so old, I don't expect much support.


      I have not seen anything like this in my searches so I thought I'd post this and cross my fingers.

      Greatly appreciate any insight/help.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, if you are always that short on information, I'd take it as given that you get no help. Sorry, but you are talking about big black box. You have not provided any proper system information nor explained your procedures. I don't see how installing Adobe software should affect the operation of an unrelated program, but assuming you mean exporting PDFs, it's thinkable that replacing globally shared PDF libraries might have unwanted side effects. Still, I'm sure there is some technote somewhere that says that it only works with Acrobat 9 or similar...