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    Automatic updates wont update to Camera Raw 8.5


      Hi Guys,


      Yet again new release of CC and the Camera Raw wont update on my iMAC and Macbook Pro both running latest versions of Maverick and Creative Cloud..   I have used CC to update Lightroom and Photoshop to the current versions (5.5 and CC2014 respectively) yet the Camera Raw is still maintained at 8.4 and gives me a warning message every time I try and edit an image from LR to PS.  Creative Cloud App says all the apps are current and when using the check for updates option in CC2014 it says all up to date.


      Had the same issue with Raw 8.4 and way round it was to manually update the Raw file in the respective location.   Unfortunately I can not remember which locations and haven't found a link to download the updated file as yet.


      Tried Adobe online support but their 'specialist' team doesn't seem to work the same hours I am available (despite being a major international company )


      Any help gratefully received!