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    How to make TIFF saves ALWAYS use zip compression by default.


      When I "edit in photoshop" from within lightroom, it opens up in photoshop, but when I save the file, it always makes an uncompressed TIFF.


      If I close the file and without saving, no tiff is created (so lightroom does not create the TIFF and then open that in photoshop)s


      If I save the file, it saves a huge uncompressed tiff. If there are layers involved, the file can easily exceed a GB where as a compressed version will be less than a tenth of that.


      This is making my portrait shoots and wedding projects ridiculously large in the HDD usage department.


      If I want to compress the tiff, I have to "Save As..." and overwrite the TIFF photoshop originally created. This is really slowing down my workflow and is a thorn in my side with the amount of images I have to get through.


      How can I have Photoshop create ZIP compressed TIFFs by default?