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    Tile image to fill frame?


      I am trying to data merge a bunch of patterns to create a sample booklet but some of the patterns aren't big enough to fill the 24x24 frame I've created. Is there a way to make the image tile to fill the frame? It would be great if I could do something similar to the illustrator pattern swatch. Thanks!

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          edellenator Level 1

          Ok, is there a workaround of some kind? It seems like tile to fill frame has been an option in other workflows much less complex than indesign... for instance my mac os desktop...

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            Tomek Kuczborski Level 4

            Use step & repeat function in edit menu to clone your sample. Select grid mode. Setting offsets equal to sample's height and width will produce seamless pattern. Group final rectangle and you're done.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              That’s find but it won’t work during the merge.

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                Tomek Kuczborski Level 4

                It can be done before merging, as a separate operation (with export to any image format), or if there are only a few like this – manually in final document.

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                  edellenator Level 1

                  Thank you! This is very close to what I need, but the patterns do not share the same height and width. So setting the offset for one pattern works for that pattern, when I merge the data, it throws off the rest of the patterns. Is there a way to make it automatically detect the frame edge? If there isn't a way, then at least the step and repeat function will speed up my process a little bit. Thanks again!


                  I've attached some images to show how the patterns differ in width and height. This is the input as it should appear correctly. I have selected the duplicated frames to show the edges. The White pattern has a different height, so the same y axis offset does not work.Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.18.06 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.17.25 AM.png

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                    edellenator Level 1

                    So are you suggesting that I manipulate the original file, or just do the settings (in the preview parameters) before I merge data? There are only a few in this round of patterns, but our future lines may include smaller repeats, or other difficult stuff. I am simply trying to find a faster way for the designers to generate sample booklets. They are currently creating a separate .tif file for each page, and manually inputing the pattern name and color-way text, as plugging in the image along with all of the extra required channels. They are not particularly well trained in the use of the adobe creative suite, so I need to have a fairly turnkey method for them to generate these books very quickly.


                    Thanks for all your help!

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                      Tomek Kuczborski Level 4

                      To jump onto fast lane with datamerge you should have all the graphic content final before merge. All the images should fit just like you want them in your merge window. Those which need to be cloned should be cloned, grouped, adjusted to desired dimensions and finally exported as pdf, tiff or png. Resulting image files should be made available to datamerge.

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                        edellenator Level 1

                        Thanks! I'll just have to make sure they stick to some standards for patterns, like build them out to exist at no less than 24"x24" to fit our standard sample sizes.


                        You've been a great help. If this weren't the internet, next round would be on me!