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    Noob_Add small details to Atlas pages in Indesign.


      Hi Folks,


      It's been a few years since I've had a reason to use a software like Indesign.  As a noob, this is what I am trying to accomplish.

      I have 4 atlas pages (each 27" x 36.333").  I would like to place them in an Indesign document (I was using size 161 picas by 216.2 picas), then simply trace vertical and horizontal lines for every 2 minutes of latitude and longitude, creating a grid over the entire page.


      >If it is possible, perhaps I could overlay a grid somehow that would prevent me from having to draw each individual line for every 2 minutes of lat or long.

      >Ultimately I would like to print these pages out when finished. 


      >I also wouldn't mind resizing the length and width to print 18" x 24" -just a bit smaller for convenience and to save a bit of money on the printing if that type of modification is not too troublesome. 


      Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.