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    Flex 2 charting license watermark issue

      We've purchased the flex 2 builder and flex charting. I've installed the serials and all works fine when the application is build using flex builder. The watermark is removed. When I build the application using command line (which points to same SDK as in flex builder), the watermark remains? Does anyone know how to resolve this issue or if this is a bug?

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          isterin Level 1
          I understand I can use -licenses.license option to flex compiler, but I'm using a maven plugin and it doesn't support this. There should be a environmental of flex-config.xml setting to set the licenses file without having to do so on each compile. I'd modify the maven plugin code, but can't get access to the plugin source.

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            I had the same problem and I am also using Maven instead of Ant to build.
            I managed to workout that you can add the mxmlc command line argument, "-licenses.license charting XXXXXXXXXXX", to the "flex-config.xml" using the following (Note: add it outside of the <compiler> tag):

            By doing this I could continue to build my Flex code through maven.