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    Photoshop CC (2014) migration from PSCC


      So if PS CC (2014) is a new app then it will need to have all of the 3rd party plugins actions, keyboard settings, and all the other changes that I have made to photoshop cc?


      If so WHY?  I have finally gotten all of my machines configured the same in PS CC.  It has taken me forever to get things migrated from CS6 to CC then across multiple machines.


      No I have to start the process all over again?  How often is this going to happen, Im spending a ton of time configuring machines then actually working.

      Not happy, paying a lot for the latest and greatest apps. Seems to be more work then its worth.


      Does anyone have any inputs as to how I can easily migrate to CC(2014) then across to the other machines. I know there is a sync feature, burt it brings very little of my custom config. I understand that is out side Adobe control.

      Any input will be most helpful.


      What is the reason for a whole new app, is it going to be faster...why?


      Thanks and sorry for he rant