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    Hi. When I create a PFD from the Word add in, and then click on a link in the PDF I get a security warning: "If you trust this site...." I'm in Adobe 9.5. How do I turn this off? Thanks! Tim Magee

    Tim Magee

      Good afternoon,


      I've just launched an online course after having uploaded by 30 or 40 PDFs that I converted from Word with the Microsoft Word add-in.


      Students are complaining that when they download the PDFs from the course and click on a live link they get a security message that says "if you trust the site, choose Allow. If you don't trust the site, choose block".


      It's making the students nervous.


      I'm using Acrobat 9.5 currently.


      I've never seen this before with any of my PDFs – I think this is new.


      Does anyone know how to turn this feature off?


      Thanks in advance!


      Tim Magee