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    After Effects Scale Issues with Drawing Lines?

    SCOTTillinois Level 1

      If anyone can help, it would be great. I'm so ticked off I'm about ready to scrap my entire project and give up!  I've spent all day on one problem and I give up.


      I created a road map in Illustrator.  It's a very large file since it's an entire state - so it's very detailed.  I want to bring this into AE and then in AE draw a route line along the roads to show the viewer how to drive the route.  In some cases, the map will be zoomed into an area to show the route in an area.  In others, I'd like to show the entire state on the screen and draw the route across the state.


      In practice, I didn't have a problem with this with my tests.  However, now that I'm using this large Ai file, it just won't work.


      First, the shape layer line either is too wide (2.0px is 3" wide on my screen, so I have to take it down to something like 0.1 to make it look correct), or the line won't stay with the layer when I parent it in 3D.  I want to draw the line (route), then move the comp (or a camera) to look more like 3D mapping.  I've tried the camera, too, and nothing works.  Even when it seems I can draw the line, I can't click anywhere near the last point without grabbing the last point, which makes it impossible to follow the roads.


      My only guess is it's something with the size of the Ai state-wide, detailed map?  But I don't understand how this can be resolved.  Please help.