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    Imported seq. from PPro won't drop into AE comps

    Derjis Level 3

      I've used this particular workflow literally hundreds of times with CC, but it seems to be broken with CC2014:

      Import a PPro sequence, drop it into an existing AE comp, or drag it over the Create Comp button; at that point, I can work with the PPro seq. as if it were footage, adding FX, using it as a BG, etc.


      This seems to be broken in CC2014 (or the workflow has changed, and I just can't figure out how to make it work). Dragging the imported seq. over the Create Comp button creates a new comp that's properly sized/spec'd, etc., but the comp itself is empty. Dragging the imported seq into a comp as if it were footage doesn't work (nothing happens); loading the comp in the Footage window shows that there is, indeed, working footage, but hitting the Overlay/Ripple Insert button, again, does nothing.


      Am I missing something here? Is there some zany new setting that I don't know about...?



      Running all CC2014 apps on a brand new 6-core MacPro tower (Mavericks)