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    BRUSH TOOL is out of center and screwed up with wacom tablet on my Flash 2014 update


      Hello I updtaed Flash cc today and i Have the same problem. It is like the brush tool not is callibrate,The line is off of the pen tip, approximately 5 millimeters beyond the point where I put the pen tip, and the beginning of the line always makes a strange figure as the figure shows (like tip number one).It is not my tablet because with the Flash cc (2013) it is OK and is ok too with others softwares.

      My tablet is calibrated fine and works fine with photoshop, it's only with the brush tools in Flash that it is screwing up on.  To try and fix the problem I've updated by tablet driver, but it didn't fix the problem.  Keep in mind it worked perfectly fine with the previous version of Flash, the problem happened as soon as I upgraded to the new version.


      My tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 12WX

      FLASH CC version:

      my mode is pen mode