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    cube rotate


      how to make a cube rotate perfectly in adobe AE as in this video     3D Cube After Effects Tutorial - YouTube

      please need help

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Put a 3D null at the very center of the cube -- inside it.  Parent the cube faces to the new null.  Rotate the null.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Lets say for example that you want a cube that is 400 pixels by 400 by 400.


            1. Create a new solid 400 X 400 (or shape layer at the default position)
            2. Make the solid 3D
            3. Change the anchor point from 200, 200, 0 to 200, 200, 200
            4. Duplicate your solid 5 times (you now have all six sides
            5. Rotate layer 1 90º in y
            6. Rotate layer 2 180º in y
            7. Rotate layer 3 270º in y
            8. Rotate layer 4 90º in x
            9. Rotate layer 5 270º in x
            10. Add a null to the comp
            11. Make the null 3D and name it cubeController
            12. Make the cubeController the parent of all 6 solid layers.
            13. Change the blend mode of all 6 solid layers to Alpha Add to help with the seams
            14. Add a light and a camera
            15. All done.

            Here's a sample cube project using shape layers and an expression to cycle through the fill colors.