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    Behaviours not working in PDF prototype [click-through]

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      I'm trying to create a click-through PDF using Behaviours to swap out images onClick. My aim is to create a prototype PDF of a website for my Portfolio by mimicking a Spry Widget.  Please see image below.


      FYI:  I do have an issue with the Main-Nav which uses simple slices linked to their named page [via Link in Properties].  These are naturally shared in each page via Web Layer from a Master Page.  This menu doesn't function in Preview mode or once exported or previewed in a browser.[Google].  However, it does click-through in PDF format!  So all good there.


      I'm concerned with the 2nd Nav set; 1.1 to 1.9.  A simple set of rectangular Slices linking to the content area below - a single large rectangular Slice.  These Slices are not in the Master Page but located in the Design page of my document, and in all the States of the Design page, of which there are 12 in total. This Nav bar has simple UP, OVER and DOWN States that swap-out and seem to work fine and click-through OK, if previewed in a browser and in Preview mode within Fireworks. 


      However, click-through does not function in a PDF.  Each nav-tab Slice is using Behaviours: onMouseOver | Set Nav Bar Image and the second Behaviour being: onClick Swap Image, then names the correct slice to show onClick in the Behaviours' Panel.


      I have tried variations such as adding a Hotspot to create a hand on rollover and clicked and unclicked various Behaviour options in the Behaviours Panel to no avail.  I wondered if it was a PDF option that needed fixing much like when exporting a file from InDD but I can't find a suitable PDF option.  I read elsewhere about not using Animated Gif as an Image File Type but that didn't work either.  When I export to PDF, there aren't the Slice Save options available for PDF.  Also Fireworks defaults to export to Acrobat Pro, though if I view in Pro or Reader the click-through still fails.


      I'm fairly new to Fireworks but would really like to get to grips with it and I love this prototype wizardry.  I'd like to know why the click-thru fails in PDF but functions in browser and FW Preview and why Main Nav functions in PDF but not browser?


      So any help will be greatly appreciated.



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