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    Is it possible (or feasible) to create an entire website full of animations using Edge Animate?


      Back when Adobe Edge preview first came out I tried making this site:
      http://www.bluekanji.net based on a friends request to have everything animate, with sound effects, music, etc.  It didn't turn out too well and the coding is a mess because of my lack of coding knowledge and trying to jam stuff in there when Edge didn't allow it at the time.


      I'm currently recreating the site from scratch, but hoping to make it all one cohesive page, instead of every animation having to be on a new page.


      My main issue now is that when I have any animation play the next one will overlap and block one another and it becomes a pretty big mess.  So my question is is it possible to do a full site full of animations with Edge Animate (and/or with Edge Reflow)? Or is it better to try something else?